What We're Doing When We Blog
Subject:   The Labyrinth Unbound: Weblogs as Literature
Date:   2003-12-07 15:08:23
From:   Trackback from anonymous2
Remarks from the Digital Genres Initiative conference, May 30, 2003 In a June 2002 O’Reilly Network column, Meg Hourihan wrote that, “If we look beneath the content of weblogs, we can observe the common ground all bloggers share—the format,” and went on to say that what makes a weblog a weblog are shared formal elements like a conversational tone, personal content, frequent updates in reverse-chronological order, common software, and the creation of what she calls “secondary authors” through email and comments. I begin with Hourihan's definition not because I want to reject it, but because in her attempt at a...