Hiding Secrets with Steganography
Subject:   What happens if the image gets edited?
Date:   2003-12-08 11:39:27
From:   anonymous2
I'm curious to know what happens to the hidden message if the image is manipulated in some way by Photoshop or some other image editing application after the 'secret' message has been embedded, be it resized, cropped, rotated, etc. Is the 'secret' still extractable? What about after extreme editing that causes significant changes in file size. If I understand the concept correctly, the photo editing application should read the file comments when the image is loaded and then re-write them (unchanged) after the image is altered. However, since the 'secret' is encrypted it should make it impossible for the image editing software to even recognize and read the embedded comment in the first place. However, if it can, in fact, recognize even the encrypted comment, it seems we have accomplished little more then encrypting text. So then I must ask why even bother hiding the encrypted text? Why not just use PGP?

Scott N

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