Mac OS X: Another View
Subject:   Web Design
Date:   2001-04-23 11:06:32
From:   elliot4334
The Mac has always had its following among the creative crowed, that is why I came to it. Creativity and the content we create is continually going toward the web. Mac OS 9 can't access some sites. OS 9 limits Mac users working with Web Servers. Look at both Deamweaver UltraDev and GoLive 5 and read the limitation on with OS 9 and ASP or JSP. You have to be connected to a remote server.

To me this is the most important issue with the Mac. If we can't work seamlessly with the web, we are dead. With OS X and the personal web server being apache we can develop data driven web sites right on our desktop without having to test them on remote servers. OS X can talk natively to most of the worlds web servers. If OS X makes working with the Web as easy as the original Mac OS made working with the computer itself, Apple wins. There is no greater issue than this. The average user has to have access to the power of the web server even if he doesn't understand it or now he is doing it and that is the way it should be.