Getting Your Feet Wet With Aqua
Subject:   Looks and Ease of Use come last
Date:   2001-04-23 16:15:30
From:   elliot4334
A user friendly GUI will not make or break Apple! Take Microsoft Publisher for instance. I can't recall how many millions of copies are in use, but it is certainly not because it is user friendly. The fact is most people are followers, good or bad the go with the crowd. When corporate America buys computers and puts their employee to work on them they are saying to the masses this is the best choice for a computer. When the employees turn consumers they stay with what they feel is safe. For this reason most people don't even know there is a better way.

Apple has always been easier, but its market share is well bellow that of Windows! See ease of use won't guarantee sales. For corporate America, Macs don't make sense from a cost stand point and therefore they do buy them. If employee see Macs in there work place they might consider them.

With the web taking over OS 9 is increasingly becoming obsolete. OS 9 cannot even access some web sites. OS 9 cannot take advantage of many web technologies. Designers are having to create web site that are dependant on databases, and there is no way to design and test a data driven web site right on a Mac running OS 9. Those who believe that Preemptive multitasking, protected memory, Apache, WebDav, etc. are of no concern to the average user are living in the dark ages. Apple has to make these technologies as easy to use as the original Mac made the computer to use and then make it affordable to corporate America. When this is accomplished the average user will feel comfortable with buying a Mac.

And for those who dare to be different, even if corporate America does buy into the Mac they will need the power of these web technologies to leverage their skills.

Ease of use has little to do with market share. Technology is everythingódoesn't matter how it look so much as long as it works (Though I don't like this philosophy). The only reason Microsoft is spending money looks in XP is because Apple now has the technology. When all other things being equal, looks and easy of use come into place.