Avoiding Trojans and Rootkits
Subject:   Dubious advice, scaremongering and oversimplification
Date:   2003-12-09 16:56:05
From:   mojogeek
Response to: Dubious advice, scaremongering and oversimplification

...and you don't even have the cohunes to use a real username. If you read her article carefully, she is not, as you say, "unconditionally recommending running some free personal firewall." Her criteria is ROOTKITS, nothing dubious that I see.

Very simply she states "If you're intimidated at the prospect of learning the syntax of ipf or ipfw, invest in an inexpensive, preconfigured hardware firewall. If you're already running a free firewall on your Windows system (and you should be), place your FreeBSD system behind it until you're ready..." The only "implication" I read here is that she is stating an obvious for any system admin running a windows box-that you SHOULD be using a firewall on it, not that you should be using a free firewall!!

You don't do anyone any favour here by stating the obvious- your simple inability to read clearly. Try harder to educate yourself next time.

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