Roll Your Own Digital Video Recorder
Subject:   Linux DVR
Date:   2003-12-10 22:50:22
From:   anonymous2
I've been getting bored with work lately and am currently thinking about pursuing a project for cracking the satellite and cable encryption schemes for US based broadcasts. Looks like osdoft is working on NTSC. I need to do more research regarding the legal implications but there could be big money involved in a product that would work with all pay TV services without paying a subscription like Tivo. Of course one would still need to pay for their satellite or cable service.

There is enough Open Source software available to do most of the work and the hardware is getting there quickly as well. A $200 brick or mini box would provide a skeleton for a nice set-top box with DVD burner built-in. If anyone is interested, drop me a line: chris at c b l a c k b u r n dot com.