Installing Oracle 9iR2 on Red Hat 9
Subject:   Order of installation
Date:   2003-12-11 04:58:51
From:   kebam
I was wondering if anyone could point me to a source or two where I could understand the general processes of working with Oracle databases. I found your above article invaluable in installing the DBMS. My problem now is the steps needed to create a database and get it talking to the application that needs it.

Do I for example, configure the Enterprise Manager then build the database, then add it to the EM, then configure and build the listener? What order do I need to do things and what tools do I use. I have found dbca, emca under the Linux install and the oemapp console commands. I think I understand that my application needs to be told which listener to use, and this is somehow done with the network configuration tools.

This is all very confusing. I would appreciate any pointers to similar articles as the one above or other sources of information.