Linux on Pocket PCs
Subject:   PsiLinux
Date:   2003-12-11 08:19:12
From:   anonymous2
Okay, so Psion is now Symbian, and they don't make their own general-purpose hardware any longer. But a Series 5mx running EPOC-32 is cheap on eBay, and it's not that hard to get PsiLinux up and running.

The 5mx might be behind the times in terms of processor performance and have a B&W screen, but it's a good thing to have a keyboard attached, an rs232 port, IRDA, native compact flash slot, a lot of available peripherals, and the ability (if you install PsiLinux on a CF card and use arlo to boot into it) to dual boot your palmtop.

Note that the Agenda is also still available.