Getting Your Feet Wet With Aqua
Subject:   Mac OS X
Date:   2001-04-24 22:51:25
From:   charford
[begin Rant, this is my opinion, if you don't wanna read, don't]

Like it or leave it, Mac OS X is a very big step for Apple. It was smart for Apple to add the BSD component to expand their market share.

If anyone here thinks Mac OS X is unfriendly I challenge them to install the first public beta of it, or even the server beta. Do you want to see hard to use, see that.

As for the comments about databases and Apples limited role in the internet (see above opinions), this is not Apple's problem. This a problem with the Web Browser, not with the computer or the OS. I can view on Mac OS 9 and a webroswer mysql, filemaker pro, 4D, or any other database designed to be available over the web. More and more programs are coming out for the macintosh.

As for the comment about market share, Apple has a lot more than people give them credit for. Designers, newspaper companies, education institutions all primarily use Mac OS. Porting it to run on a PC would be a hard and tedious problem, because Apple controls a lot of the hardware run on the mac, although control is being limited more and more with newer generations. Intel, AMD, IBM, all use a different chip archetecture in the development of their CPU's, in particular the algroriths differ a lot between a mac and a PC clone. Macs use reduced instruction set and PC clones use a complex instruction set. Now should Apple have to rewrite Mac OS to work on other computers, when they have a good neice as it is, with limited other OS's being able to run on their machines. Should apple shut themselves in the foot and cater for PC Markets? I think not.

Mac OS X is a smart move on apples part, although moving away from the old layout is different and may not be benefitial to them. It has been my experience so far that both power users and newbies alike enjoy the new desktop look once they get to use it.

[end rant]
Colin Harford
Systems Administrator
University of Alberta Students Union