Myths Open Source Developers Tell Ourselves
Subject:   on code reading
Date:   2003-12-12 11:54:06
From:   chromatic
Response to: on code reading

I'm not sure where you picked up the idea that I don't recommend reading code. One of the persistent problems in software development today is that far too few people DO read code.

That said, the myth is that pointing at a huge pile of code and telling new developers "just read it" is effective. I think that's possibly the least effective way to learn a project.

There's no substitute for reading code. I certainly don't intend to give that impression. At some point, new developers absolutely must read the code.

I don't think that's the best, first place to start though. Show them a glossary, an overview, completed story cards, or maybe UML. Explain how the pieces fit together. Then (and only then) let them examine the individual pieces.

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