Myths Open Source Developers Tell Ourselves
Subject:   OMFG
Date:   2003-12-12 16:27:29
From:   anonymous2
I can't belive O'reilly would post this BS.
Firstly whoever wrote this article has never visited sourceforge.There you will find even the most insignificant project that has a forums with loads of posts and user/dev/ bug reports and feature requests.. YES some projects get very little help from the movement compared to big projects gnome/kde etc but alot of projects are just that small and don't need a huge dev team.I think looking at the great success of some of the bigger projects really shows how great the open source movement is and how big any project could get.
When was the last time you submitted a bug report/fix? . Actually i think you'll find that most open source supporters contribute in anyway they can for those who don't code have you ever visited IRC specificially channels like #linux #debian etc. There are heaps of people that are constantly helping... on the coding side just last week i gave a PHP based CMS a go, liked it soo much i continued to use it and submited a fix for a upload problem...

What makes open source great is the movement and it's there in bundels if you honestly can not see it then you must be simple or blind.

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