Myths Open Source Developers Tell Ourselves
Subject:   OMFG
Date:   2003-12-12 17:32:58
From:   anonymous2
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Actually, this article is dead-bloody-on and your a) reading skills; and b) knowledge of running your own project, are lacking. This person knows exactly what (s)he's talking about.

First of all, shut up about "the movement". If you discount the obnoxious Linux zealots (who don't actually write much code anyway) there is no movement. Writing code is not a religious crusade unless you're a spotty 15-year-old with a chip on your shoulder (i.e. much of the Slashdot readership). Code shouldn't be political. Just ask people who've done a lot of it. Guys like Linus.

Second, I am the owner of 2 sourceforge projects, one of which is quite popular and is translated to 10 languages, and is used all over the world including universities such as Harvard, and has been around since 1998 or so. Want to know how many code contributions I've had? Maybe 5 or thereabouts. The other is a HUGE, 7-year, OS project which nobody cares about, frankly. My experience is, if it's not Linux, who cares? If the same attitudes had prevailed 10 years ago, Linux wouldn't exist today.

The author of this article is explicitly *not* talking about Linux, PHP, apache, Gnome, KDE, etc., because they are exceptions. They are big famous projects. Lots of little dudes want to try and ride on the coattails of big famous projects. Take a real look at the other 10,000 or so on sourceforge for pete's sake. The vast majority are described by this article, to a T. Bundles is not spelt "bundels"; there are probably lots of open source spellcheckers the "movement" should investigate.

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