Flexible OmniOutliner
Subject:   Now if they can just make it work like other mac applications
Date:   2003-12-13 16:31:28
From:   anonymous2
OmniOutliner is generally a well thought out application. The stated aims of producing a modern More! is admirable. The integration with OmniGraffle is great too. However, there are some little frustrating aspects that are not necessary.
Keyboard navigation: Want to move to the end or start of a line? Most other applications on the Mac (TextEdit, BBEdit, the text-input field of this Safari form) use Command-left/rightarrow. OO uses Control-left/right arrow, yet command up/down arrow moves to the start/end of the item (OO's name for a bullet point). This is such a small feature yet its frustration factor is great, because you have to think about your fingers while brain-storming.
Click Through: This is probably the most irritating feature for me and OO shares this with OmniGraffle. If OO is in the background and you click on one of your documents to bring OO to the front, the clicked document becomes the front and the insertion point is placed at the click point. Very annoying, because you have lost your place and/or selection. Read for a very good article on why this is a problem.

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  1. Now if they can just make it work like other mac applications
    2003-12-17 05:52:52  anonymous2 [View]

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