Myths Open Source Developers Tell Ourselves
Subject:   Perhaps I'm biassed by my project size...
Date:   2003-12-14 02:44:09
From:   anonymous2
...since most of the stuff I kick out into the world is pretty bite-sized, but most of my contributors do actually go ahead and read the code to get started.

I did the same when I kicked in the initial PostgreSQL compatibility for TWIG (does this thing do HTML? Let's find out: I read the code (not all of it, just the core stuff, main includes and the few modules I needed to deal with) in order to pick up enough context to do what I needed, which was make the PostgreSQL interface actually work so I didn't have to run two SQL databases on one already-busy server.

Most of the other contributing I do to other projects is "surface" enough to not need much reading, since these days I'm usually too busy being a technician to have time to program (dammit!).

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  1. The other thing is +++ redo from start +++
    2003-12-14 02:53:48  anonymous2 [View]

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