Myths Open Source Developers Tell Ourselves
Subject:   Design explanation and installation conditions
Date:   2003-12-15 09:23:25
From:   anonymous2
This is very important during and after development of any project.
For instance, I once tried to be useful in the development of a GTK application in the area of accounting, because I was having difficulty to find an appropriate open source accounting application.
I did not have much time and had no experience in open source actual development. The project leader gave me a few hints over email, probably assuming that I knew what I was trying to do. I was then caught by other priorities and never went back to that project.
If there was some documentation stating the design goals and general structure, the history so far, and a little skeleton package of what was working, then I might have joined the project and made time for it.
As a consequence, I am now working on a LAMP accounting package project for which I have a test user, who has helped indicate design flaws and implementation bugs. In the near future I will release it for open source development, but first I firstly have to learn how to make all these components downloadable from my web site, fix the existing bugs, add a better safety structure, and write explanations on how to install, start using, and the requirements on my server and client. This will enable somebody out there to use his/her current knowledge to introduce improvements.
It is a small system right now, but may grow a lot as we add features and improve the model.
But I know that my elementary documentation and history is the only way to make it understandable for the people who will make it evolve. Otherwise, it will die from starvation.

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  1. Design explanation and installation conditions
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