Getting Your Feet Wet With Aqua
Subject:   OS X will be the future
Date:   2001-04-27 15:27:50
From:   darokin
I think that Apple has really gone out on limb by releasing OS X. They have really taken a chance that is forcing a lot of people to turn their heads and take a look at something no one has ever seen on a computer before. This is a very different operating system that I think will take a little time to get used too. Especially for all of us who have been using macs for a long time and have gotten used to its neverending new release yet same look OS's. I myself love it yet still find myself searching for things that were in their OS 9 position. Someone new to Macs shouldn't have much trouble getting aquainted for they wouldn't have to re-think the way they were used to doing things. Even if you were used to using windows the Mac dock is pretty similar to how window's dock is. Actually I have friends that were windows junkies and are now seriously considering a Mac. Heh, heh, heh...And then there is the Unix core for the programmers which I am currently trying to teach myself and am actually very excited about it! I think all in all Apple has done something that will push them ahead of the crowd. Long Live the MAC!

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  1. Derrick Story photo OS X will be the future
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