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Subject:   Time on OS X vs Classic vs OS 9
Date:   2001-04-27 21:49:03
From:   scottharrison
I spend more time in OS X than OS 9 because I like the OS X interface better and because I want to add my effort to the overall effort to refine OS X. I like the interface better primarily because of the Dock. I am almost at the point where I have everything I want in the dock. I use it rather than the recent follder under the Apple menu because the recent folder reminds me of the Applications folder I put under the Apple menu in OS 9 and the altered applescript I used to put aliases of my most used applications there. Hard work compared to dragging an icon to the dock.

I also like the screen saver, which I have come to miss since After Dark went away. I don't think you need a screen saver with a Powerbook, but I like my favorite pictures slowly transitioning in and out.
I use OS 9 for burning CDs and for using IE 5 when I don't want it and Classic freezing at the wrong moment. It may be just me, but when I play Yahoo!s Word Racer game, OS X IE 5 won't load the Java applets and Classic IE 5 freezes pretty often. Classic IE 5 freezes occasionally but less often doing other things like online banking. I don't like freezes that leave me wondering whether or not my payment instructions were accepted and which make it impossible to download a qif with which to update my Quicken accounts. This may be just me. I haven't seen anything in the Apple OS X discussion forum indicating that others are having the same experience. too bad, because someone else might come up with a workaround before I do.

I spend more time in Classic than OS X. My three most frequent activities are internet browsing, eMail, financial management using Quicken and Excel and communication using Word.

Quicken requires Classic.

OS X eMail, though nice does not compare to Microsoft Office 2001 Entourage for address book, calendar and integration with Word and Excel. Therefore, I use OS X eMail to look at eMail sometimes, but use Classic Entourage to store received mail in folders.

OS X IE 5, as I mentioned doesn't handle Java applets the way Classic IE 5 does, which affects not only game playing but also online banking and online trading.

Almost everything else I do, I can only do in Classic, so I'm there for other activities that aren't in OS X yet.

You mention Apple being good at saying it's time to move on, which it is, but sometimes it stutters a bit. I ordered a PowerBook G3 the day it was announced in May, 1998. I finally took delivery in September, 1998. Less than six months later, the bronze keyboard was available. No big deal that it was faster, that's expected. but it had built in DVD and Firewire and cost about $2500 less. Worse yet, less than a year later, a cheaper, faster model with built in DVD, firewire, USB and Airport was out and Apple terminated support for the PC card approaches to these things for my version. I'm very jealous of those who waited a bit and get to use their USB printer and their Airport with OS X.

Although I plan to continue with OS X until Lucent provides the drivers for my WaveLan card and I can use my airport again, the airport is the one thing which could make me decide to go back to OS 9 until OS X support is in place. The thing that rankles me is that the Apple Airport card is a Lucent WaveLan card. Apple gives the impression that it is being arrogant by not supporting the card sold by Lucent. I did not choose it over and Apple Airport card, it's my only option.

Further to the feeling that Apple abandoned its most enthusiastic G3 PowerBook customers, I wold like to have a G4 PowerBook, but I will not buy one until the superdrive and whatever else is waiting in the wings is out. Even with its limitations, my G3 PowerBook is more useful than the G4 PowerBook, so I will wait.

Thanks for this opportunity to communicate my thoughts in an intelligent forum.

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