Talking About Life With Mac OS X
Subject:   Adoption Trends in the Unix Community
Date:   2001-04-27 22:14:54
From:   duncan
I would have to agree that OS X is not ready for everyone yet. But people that are comfortable with a few rough spots are ready for this OS. And, quite frankly, the number of rough spots is less than I have had with any Unix install ever. As for Unix users buying Mac hardware... Well... At the start of ApacheCon a few weeks back, 4 ASF members owned Titaniums. By the time the conference was over with, there were 8. Keep in mind that there are only 50 some odd ASF members that are very Unix biased and you can see that there is a hell of a growth trend there.

The G4 is even faster in and out of sleep than the G3 based iBook. There have only been a couple of times when the mouse pointer wasn't ready to go as soon as the screen was up. And then it wasn't more than a half second or so. I have heard from Apple's Core OS team that this is because they parallelize all of the tasks that are performed when a computer wakes up instead of serializing them like every other OS does. This means that you can use the machine while the network is reestablishing itself.

Kudos on the chat. My only complaint is that the bias towards AIM making a new entry each time the Return key is pressed shows through a bit too much. For example, there is one place where there are 15 entries from beamOSX. I would suggest a bit of post chat massaging on the logs. But other than that, this was a great read.