Talking About Life With Mac OS X
Subject:   Drivers and such
Date:   2001-04-30 05:46:37
From:   bradrice
I love OSX, too. I hope the drivers do become available soon. I have two SCSI cards in my B/W G3 and neither has driver support. I have an Epson 900N and doesn't have a driver, along with a Canon 1200FB scanner that doesn't work in OSX. But the writers are right, this is an awesaome piece of engineering Apple has come up with. They have even gone out of their way to make development tools available for the system. I'm looking forward to third party support of Applications and drivers (the scanner won't work in Classic due to the SCSI card). A speed increase is needed, as well, since Aqua does seem to use a lot of CPU power.

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