Blogging for Dollars: Giving Rise to the Professional Blogger
Subject:   Blogging Authors
Date:   2003-12-18 16:00:35
From:   dylex
I enjoyed your article. I think you will find that the secret lode of Blog Authors are your senior citizens. I read somewhere that about 60% (???) of the younger group ( 55 - 75 as defined by society ) are already on the Internet. We are reasonably literate by the standards of the occupants of the third generation behind us and are tolerably copus mentus in spite of our stereotypical depiction by the less informed of our so called younger brothers and sisters and those unfortunate souls who have loosely defined themselves as "comedians". We are sitting here with all kinds of knowledge, interests, insights, humor, and are not adverse to expressing our opinion because as we are in the last third of our lives and any likelihood of anyone noticing us beyond humor fodder is remote to non-existent. We are a stable bunch of employees because the following generations won’t hire us because we know too much, have seen and lived through all the BS that passes for business acumen, and are generally not adverse to becoming "involved" in "management" brainstorming with appropriate comments to keep the meeting "focused" which seems to be all the rage these days . Most of us, in spite of our best efforts, are living under Dickensonian conditions so any financial encouragement tossed in our general direction should not place an undue strain on the economy whether, good, bad or indifferent.

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