My Blog, My Outboard Brain
Subject:   My Blog, My Outboard Brain
Date:   2003-12-18 17:42:38
From:   dylex
I enjoyed your article. I think we are all suffering from information constipation. Welcome to what passes for the human race both literally and figuratively. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you are perfectly (ab)normal just like the rest of us. I also am pleased to see that you too require a motivating factor for that warm feeling of accomplishment which in your case is Blogging. In my case it is an 80 lb. Lean , Mean, German Shepherd Machine. I also get rewards from my constituency in the form of slathering back rubs at 4:00 oíclock in the morning if Iím not astute enough to have closed the bedroom door after the previous nightís libations. Iím also "pleased" to see that Pavlov is alive and well in your corner of the universe in the form of the need for repeated blogging under stimulus. Iím also somewhat amused that the advancement of technology has now brought us a faster treadmill in the form of the Internet which has more speed than discernment. But hey, whatís modern life??? Perhaps itís only a video game with an internal chip code named Pavlov that provides us with appropriate awards for acceptable behaviour and with instant feedback for that "nice" feeling of "involvement" and "meaning" which our lives so desperately crave.