Keynote Plays Ball with PowerPoint
Subject:   PPT corrections
Date:   2003-12-19 12:17:32
From:   anonymous2
Thanks for the article. You imply that two Keynote functions don't exist in Powerpoint, but they do:
* You can display the presentation on a second monitor. It is, logically enough, under Slide Show->Set Up Slideshow (in PPT2000 for PC anyway), and works identically to Keynote. If your PC has the necessary hardware, that is.
* To show the slideshow without going back to the first page, you choose the slideshow icon in the bottom left of the Powerpoint window. This is, illogically enough, the only way of doing it (the View Slideshow menu, button and shortcut always take you to the first slide). I used to use this feature a lot, but forgot where it was for over nine months until a colleague reminded me!