The Do's and Don'ts of Shareware, Part 3
Date:   2003-12-19 20:31:54
From:   anonymous2
Response to:

We started using in 2001, and were satisfied with the service through 2002. Then the organization started breaking down, with new problems every week. There were big delays in payments (with no warning), a complete lack of customer service (we think they hid under their desks if they thought their clients were calling). No answer to emails, tickets, FAXES, or phone calls trying to get REAL PROBLEMS solved. Then a fatal mistake: they tried to take control of their servers 'in house'. Almost immediately, their service developed quirks, problems, and was down more than it was up. We finally got our own merchant account and quit trying to deal with 2checkout's 'problem of the day': it's much cheaper, excellent customer service 24/7, and our payment gateway (we use NOVA ViaKlix) NEVER is 'down'.

Better to do business with real companies than to rely on 'kids playing with computers'!