Subject:   Uhh... Search results of Bearshare.
Date:   2001-05-01 20:11:55
From:   wer
It is obvious the author of this article forgot the feature checkbox in the setup of Bearshare. "Hide results that don't match the search." which makes the following paragraph very untrue.

"So does this technology mean you can download files easier using BearShare? Not necessarily. BearShare doesn't allow for searching of specific file types like LimeWire and iMesh do, making your query results full of files you couldn't care less about. For instance, searching for Stravinsky's Rite of Spring also returns things like "springtraining.gif" and "Girls Gone Wild Spring Break.mpg." Download failures seemed to be a little bit more frequent using BearShare also, but there are any number of variables that could account for that. Once again, MP3s failed far less often than any .mov or .mpg file."

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