The Disaster-Free Upgrade to Mac OS X
Subject:   Airport-enabled - I wish
Date:   2001-05-01 20:50:13
From:   dogzilla
Well, I wish I had a Powerbook with an airport slot. I have a Wallstreet with a wavelan card, which I find indispensable under OS9. And this machine still has quite a lot of legs, so I can't really justify an upgrade (either to myself *or* my spouse). I just wish the Wavelan people would release the drivers already. I've heard that the holdup was Apple's incomplete IOKit, and have also heard a bit about possible open source drivers, but nothing concrete yet. Anyone care to comment? Lack of Wavelan support is the only thing holding me back from OSX full-time.

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    2001-05-10 10:23:54  uchinan [View]

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