Nukes: the Open Source Java CMS
Subject:   Comments on the comments...
Date:   2003-12-22 10:35:26
From:   anonymous2
This article above says that found that PHP did not work for them on their high loads. So does that mean everyone should run to PHP's defence. Nope. The article also says that started using PHP because the could not find any decent opensource content management systems written in Java. So does this mean that everyone should run to Java's defence. Nope. No webapp development system is going to be all things to all men. There is room enough for both Java and PHP in the world. Smart folks will be familiar with both and use them where they each fit best. The comments point out that you can JavaLobby has recently come out with an opensource CMS projects. I hear that RedHat are re-badging an opensource CMS system as their "Enterprise CMS". So there should be at least two other good candidates out there to compare with Nukes. I think that the embedding comments are unjustified - the point of the article was about database preformance. Anybody using Nukes for real would put in their own template engine (such as Velocity).