The Disaster-Free Upgrade to Mac OS X
Subject:   But.... what's it really like?
Date:   2001-05-02 11:43:51
From:   pisej5
Having the "Lombard" vintage of a G3 PowerBook with iTunes already installed and an Acrobat license, I'm left with wow #1 to convince me of doing the upgrade. But I would have liked to know performance is compared to running OS 9.1: Is there more disk activity, which to me is a significant issue, given the rather slow disks in this type of PowerBook? Does it take forever to launch an application? On my B/W G3 everything runs ever so slowly, launching apps takes forever, response times for mouse clicks are measured in seconds and the disk churns endlessly (it's a 6 GB disk and we have 192 MB RAM to waddle in). It is very much reminiscent of the situation 10 years ago, switching from System 6 to System 7 - everything slowed perceptibly down, the API doubled in complexity and most of the promised functionality very poorly implemented (publish and subscribe, remember that, eh?). I know this sounds morosely, but you have to make a better case for upgrading if you want to convince me. As you state, ones PowerBook is not a toy and unless I get real productivity gains, I'll hold back.

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