Making Movies with the Apple iSight
Subject:   iSight Image Capture
Date:   2003-12-23 11:17:10
From:   philipgood
Response to: iSight Image Capture

I just downloaded iRecordNow from versiontracker. It looks like it should work very well, you can adjust the focus and and the file compression. It would be nice to be able to adjust the exposure time. I will check it out and get back to you or contact the author.

How are you mounting the isight to your 11GPS? I also have the N11GPS!

Have you used Keith's Imagestackker? I have used it with large files from my Digital EOS. It does a good job but seems to have some kind of memory overun that grings my computer to a standstill, even after quitting.

Let me know how your progress is coming because I am VERY interested in getting this to work. What we really need is some OSX programmers who would code up an interface and autoguiding for Mac and Nexstar.