The Trouble with JXTA
Subject:   JXTA Newbie responds
Date:   2001-05-02 15:08:41
From:   juantay
"The P2P ideas out there at the moment are many and varied"

This simply means it's a good time for JXTA doesn't it?

"Peer to peer is an active area of research and an example of Darwinian selection of ideas
at work."

Then let's get together to create intelligent mammal(s) based on open Standards.

"What does an active research community absolutely not need? Great big Sun stomping in and slamming down standards left, right and center."

Hey, this is in the hands of the open-source community to change whatever they want!

"The only thing most P2P applications have in common is TCP/IP; everything else depends
on the specific P2P application."

Not good enough.

"JXTA is a confining protocol designed for a specific type of P2P application. It has
already made a number of design decisions."

Same thing may be said about TCP/IP.

"You have to handle another protocol with another set of servers. This is no different from
the current situation where you're trying to interoperate with another protocol using TCP/IP,
except that you should already have the XML parser."

JXTA is new so the structure of both will simply be changed.

"But the idea that JXTA is defining a common core of P2P protocols is scary because there's
so much more, and it's those protocols which are interesting."

Standards for a Rich Web vs. All kinds of conflicting Protocols. Take your pick. I'll
hold up TCP/IP.

Look, the key point I'll make is that from what I've heard JXTA is not finished being worked out yet and it should be incredibly obvious P2P has to be based on standards.