The Trouble with JXTA
Subject:   standards will arrive- when and what?
Date:   2001-05-02 15:23:44
Ok, I've heard that it's too early to standardize, or that we should interoperate not standardize, and I have heard utopian arguments of darwin's origin of species metaphorically describing competition between competing p2p solutions many of whom will die and the rest who will presumably mutate, possibly due to radiation... or bit rot...

All that being said, in several years when the ideal superspecies of p2p have evolved and taken over the p2p world, my question is: what will have been standardized? I don't mean "evil corporation" standards, or "bad, too-early standards" or "inefficient, political standards". I mean GOOD standards, righteous standards, "evolved" standards, even (gasp) "defacto standards" like gnutella or ICQ...

So what will they be?

And, since they WILL exist (even if it takes a while to filter out the bad ideas and distill a utopia of good ideas)...

Wouldn't it be ok for some companies, big and small, to try to imagine what those standards might be?

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