Talking About Life With Mac OS X
Subject:   Newbie's perspective
Date:   2001-05-02 17:40:30
From:   cdoering
I've been running OS X for a little less than a month. I got it because I wanted to install MySQL on my FireWire G3 Powerbook 500 so I could do some development on my website. As a result, I dived right into the terminal - in fact, I haven't spent much time learning the GUI at all. Since my first computer was a "luggable" with a 9" screen and CMP(?) and my second was an 8086 running DOS, I wasn't scared of the terminal window. The Unix terminology is a little strange, but again, one directory tree is a lot like another. The only problems I've had are with AOM and some Office crashes where I couldn't figure out how to get out of Classic. I am not used to being able to click on the Desktop and switch from one environment to another.
My favorite thing: if something is taking too long (a slow Web page, for instance) I can go check email or do something else. Much less of the dreaded "go get a cup of coffee" syndrome.
BTW, I have managed to generate two "kernel panics" so far. Even when it crashes, X is more entertaining than Windows by far.