Creating Your Own Code Snippets with Whidbey
Subject:   Code Snippets Are Useful
Date:   2003-12-26 23:12:03
From:   anonymous2
Code snippets are not necessarily a receipe for disaster if used correctly. Don't look at it as a way to "copy and paste" code. Look at it as a dictionary of templates. I would use it extensively for structures such as FOR loops and CASE statements. The less number of { and ) that I have to type and the lower the number of times I have to hit TAB is always welcome.

For example, while my data layer is abstracted, I still have to write 1-3 lines of code in my middle tier to instatiate and execute a query. If I could have this available with the click of a mouse....

Finally, in today's environment, I sometime have to focus on the challenge of coming up with creative and innovative ways to solve a problem in the shortest amount of time. In these situations, I welcome anything that allows me to not waste typing working on syntax.