The Trouble with JXTA
Subject:   Re: XML and Groups?
Date:   2001-05-03 16:16:06
From:   juantay
"The idea of broadcast groups only works in very small groups. This isn't going to work on any large scale. Like I said, if your application is only small scale and fits with JXTA - that's fine.

But groups are not a central concept in P2P apps by any meaning of the word."

caution: P2P Newbie speaking..

You can't create the new lizards and hominoids without Groupings though. P2P not only pushes toward groupings but it's already about Groupings, Gnutella, Napster, Freenet etc. This is simply what the masses will want because it creates VALUE. The very word "Peer" deals with Groupings!

JXTA is to p2p one could say as the World Wide Web is to the Internet. But what happened to
Gopher? If you want to cater to the masses then you have to go down that route - the route
of Groupings to create a much needed VALUE proposition. (Freenet might be a gopher for a time and then contribute value to the JXTAnet down the road based on what was discovered maybe.)

Groupings are not just about applications themselves but is a general idea that embraces the whole and entire sphere of whatever you do in p2p outside of protocols themselves. From sociological groups to useful groups to technical groupings on the server side. For instance, how would there be any real value to p2p on enterprises without groupings?

And now wide multicasting is not all there is but though one day it will arrive. All it means is to simply move around the spheres of what's possible with p2p today. Which may be alot!! and let's not forget that P2P is a tool and not a religion. It's not in isolation outside of the other webs.

Juan Taylor