The Trouble with JXTA
Subject:   JXTA a roll of the dice?
Date:   2001-05-04 10:19:59
From:   cletefrade
Because the value of framing the discussion on standards can be worth billions, it would seem to be impossible to ignore the effect of financial/marketing elements of companies on the development of standards. Even if this attempt to "grab the reins" of the P2P phenomena fails in complete control, it could be argued that from a business perspective, there is a sufficient return on investment to try.

JXTA may not be a very good standard at all, but from the perspective of a corporate officer, it is good enough to try. There may not be a way to remove the reward for half-baked specification grabs without destroying the economy. The only recourse for those with intellectual integrity is to check for loaded dice. The limited scalability and minimal definition of the JXTA specification makes me want to look up Sun's sleeves. If they are honest sporting types, they won't mind at all.

Patrick S Lasswell