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Subject:   When do I get OS X on my PC?
Date:   2001-05-04 13:23:25
From:   the.blackster
Response to: When do I get OS X on my PC?

Naw, apple gets it fine - it's the average pc user who doesn't get it. you can't take cut-rate hardware from different taiwanese manufacturers, throw it all together, and have it integrate as tightly as a platform where the components are designed to fit together. most definitely you can't take this same disparate hardware from disparate manufacturers, and throw an OS that is tightly integrated with the hardware onto it.
I don't see OS X doing much on the PC platform (even though i know darwin support on i386 is improving) - it's still MacOS, just more robust.

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  1. When do I get OS X on my PC?
    2001-06-15 05:48:11  collinar [View]

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