Getting Your Feet Wet With Aqua
Subject:   Aqua Brings a Unix GUI to the Desktop
Date:   2001-05-04 14:00:36
From:   the.blackster
Response to: Aqua Brings a Unix GUI to the Desktop

I'm a unix admin that acquired a powerbook G4 (my first macintosh) for the specific purpose of running os X when it came out. i hope i'm not an exception - i see tons of potential for os X. and aqua? my god, the most gorgeous interface i've ever used. a power user can get the best of all worlds with os X - aqua for all of its greatness and beauty, XonX for Xwindows support, command line, unix tools... i could just go on and on.
I too hope that OS X is a big hit - if nothing else, perhaps it'll help focus the limelight a bit back on that upstart linux' older sibling, BSD.