Performance Test: 802.11b Takes a Lickin' and Keeps on Tickin'
Subject:   what about 2.4ghz phones
Date:   2003-12-30 21:06:27
From:   anonymous2
Response to: what about 2.4ghz phones

This is an interesting topic because I'm about ready to rip my phone out of the wall because I get so much static. I change the channel countless times and it's like a 1 in 10 chance of getting a clear channel... until I move. My wireless AP (Linksys BEFSR11) is an 802.11b on Channel 1, which is 2412 Mhz (2.412 GHz). My phone is a Panasonic 2.4 Ghz phone. What can I do to eliminate interference problems? I've looked at a spectrum of 802.11b channels and all of them are in the 2.4 GHz range, so I can't see a way of altering that at all!

ANy ideas are appreciated - alex(at), if you will.