Talking About Life With Mac OS X
Subject:   I like this.
Date:   2001-05-05 11:06:39
From:   plumcreek
You should definitely do more of these. I found the chat informative and entertaining.

About MacOS X: I use MacOS X daily for everything that I need or want to do -

PHP & HTML programming (Pepper)

Genealogy (GEDitCOM)

Word Processing (TextEdit - It works great for letters and little bits of this and that that I want to store somewhere, most of my communication nowadays is via the web and email anyway, I just need a cheap doc to rtf converter...)

Accounting (AccountEdge)

Email (Mail)

Web Browsing (Omniweb)

Flowcharts and Diagrams (OmniGraffle - to be honest, before OmniGraffle I rarely diagramed my programs during the design phase, now I wouldn't dream of NOT doing it, OmniGraffle is THAT good and THAT easy to use.)

Graphic Editing (Create and via X11 - the Gimp).

These only scratch the surface. Real apps that people rely on are here today. There is no reason for me to go back to OS 9. I never launch Classic. The terminal is awesome, there is no other way to describe it and the power it has.

I believe a lot of people could make the switch to MacOS X today and be able to do everything they are accustomed to doing, without ANY problems.

Again, kudos on the article idea. Very nice.

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