Cat Fight in a Pet Store: J2EE vs. .NET
Subject:   .NET vs Java is bigger issue than just code
Date:   2004-01-02 11:08:24
From:   anonymous2
Response to: .NET vs Java is bigger issue than just code

All these programmer yacking about Java design this and multiplatform OS that...its all bullshit to the user and more often then not, probably always...a user of a web app or heavy client will ALWAYS choose the faster loading web page or windows application built using Win32 on the Windows OS (respectively). I have seen, heard and stood by as numerous Java projects have failed due to over engineering, poor performance, un maintainable code and over budget development cycles (trying to “tune” of course). DAO is bullshit (especially the term “database agnostic”—USE the DATABASE) in an environment where performance is critical (and please NAME a prevalent business context where performance is not an issue!), and of course, those programmers that do, are the “programmers and architects” that consider performance as a “side note” or “not always as important”. Try telling that to the insurance data entry clerk trying to meet quota for the day or the home user waiting for their product page to render while their kid screams in the background! GET REAL PROGRAMMERS stop living in your BLOG world where the only discussions and inputs that count are those of your fellow geeks and clueless CTO’s.

MS makes products that people want and the support and documentation is superior. Some programmers HAVE A LIFE and do not want to work 16-18 hour days playing with or god forbid “tuning” poorly document containers and learning “new” Java standards. Java has TOO many influences, too many contributors and in essence each will be benevolent to its downfall. You see, there is NO single point of authority only a disparate and discouraged community that has lost touch with what quality software IS….screw cross platform (write C++ if you want to run on n platforms…can you say FLASH!)….performance, usability and maintainability are paramount. Java will end up like Perl…barely used and regulated to a few geeks creating about 10% of the web sites in world….

By the way…look at your next pay check and thank Bill for it…because without him your beloved “industry” and open source community would still be anonymous and confined to some lame university research center.


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