Subject:   Could the problem be a faulty ground?
Date:   2004-01-02 19:10:27
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Could the problem be a faulty ground?

I have no idea about how well an iSight will perform on a PC, but the top line appearing on the bottom very well could be ground related - though it could be driver related as well. In a power connection with three leads like you see in AC power outlets, everyone knows that the two mains are alternating 120V 60Hz, and the third is a ground. In two-leads household outlets, they were polarized, rather than having a ground. Firewire doesn't resemble either of these, namely because it is DC, not AC. In DC, you have a positive and a negative. Electricity flows from the negative to the positive. However, voltage irregularities, or RFI and EMI interfernce can pollute the electrical signature enough to affect an image - but I'd say drivers were to blame if the problem was a smooth straight consistent line from the top appearing on the bottom. Otherwise, it would not follow a precise regular pattern of distortion like that.