The Disaster-Free Upgrade to Mac OS X -- Part 2
Subject:   Hooked on OS X (Bad Thing)
Date:   2001-05-08 17:33:30
From:   crazysapsucker
I got a little carried away with the idea of OS X and waited eagerly for its arrival. The day it came out I anxiously installed the "world's most advanced operating" system without much consideration.

I was thrilled by what I saw! No more crashing, no more mp3's skipping because I happened to be scrolling down a text field. Here's the problem: I am an active web site designer and video editor. Obviously, Final Cut Pro 2 doesn't work in OS X, but not even applications like Macromedia Fireworks run that well - in fact they run horribly.

But I couln't bear to let go of OS X! It was everything I ever wanted in an operating system. I finally decided to boot from OS 9.1; I was shocked by what i saw. All the Type/Creator idata of my files was lost. Things were almost badn in the native OS 9 environment as they were in the OS X classic environment. When I run Microsoft Word in both the classic and native OS 9 environments it is unable to save.

I love apple but I think the classic environment is a joke, I have yet to find an application that runs for more than 5 minutes without serious errors or crashing. And even booting from OS 9 has problems. OS X is absolutely perfect for running OS X apps - but that's it.

Good article...

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