QTJ Audio
Subject:   Installing QuickTime for Java
Date:   2004-01-05 18:06:59
From:   invalidname
Response to: Installing QuickTime for Java

Looking at the stack trace, you *do* have QTJ 6.1 (the new one) and QT 6.5. The problem is that your code is using a call to a class - - that doesn't work in the new QTJ.

When Apple moved their Java implementation from Carbon to Cocoa, they broke a lot of QTJ. They decided to re-implement a smaller subset in QTJ 6.1, deprecating the rest. Everything in is deprecated. See my article "The Return of the Blue Q" ( )

That said, it works on Windows, and it works on Java 1.3.1 on Mac OS X. It's just not going to work on 1.4.1 on Mac.