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Subject:   same hack in C#, Java & ColdFusion
Date:   2004-01-05 22:13:40
From:   anonymous2
Response to: same hack in C#, Java & ColdFusion

Respected sir,

I had one problem with proxy server.....

while fetching image problem server side , but while accessing it from server the i think the content coming from server is ok.....

I am using java for implementation..... but when i fetch the content porsy server fetching some of the bytes , replced by 32(decimal) why is this so?
I think the problem is with java's built in functions....reader.....and also with next line character.....

i am fetching each line of content each time.....
while reading in the loop;

Is there is other way to get through it?

if you have any solution for it please send me the one to ....