Use Metadata to Improve Your Pictures
Subject:   Apple-bundled Graphic Converter w/IPTC
Date:   2004-01-06 03:02:51
From:   anonymous2
From LENKE software, bundled onto my Powerbook G4 17", Graphic Converter seems to use EXIF and (a subset/superset) of metadata called IPTC.

When I use Graphic Converter to batch-convert photos to a lossless format (I use .psd) before importing into iPhoto, it also has options to add comments and (I surmise as I don't have the .pdf manual) make entries to EXIF and/or IPTC metada.

After importing into iPhoto, it seems that "Comments" in Graphic Converter are not passed or are not mapped to "Comments" in iPhoto.

I went to the International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC) at and started reviewing some of their definitions (like: "A method for packaging, relating, and managing diverse pieces of media. Offers a universal metadata approach to all sorts of specialised content formats.")

It seems that the metadata relating to photos may need to have IPTC stuff recorded as well, especially as photos in our digital libraries participate in digital commerce, and the best way to record the info is when the photo is shot or added to a library.

The award-winning Graphic Converter ( certainly helps in many ways.

Your thoughts?