Top Ten Digital Photography Tips
Subject:   Action photos (indoor)
Date:   2004-01-06 13:57:28
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Action photos (indoor)

I am somewhat of a novice myself. I have the sony mavica cd500 and also the sony hvl-f32x flash. The flash does help somewhat indoors, but remember you will be limited in the distance you can shoot. I have found indoor events, especially basketball to be usually well lit. Try going to manual mode (M), click on menu and choose 400 speed, roll your dial and choose F2.2, roll down to the speed choice and choose as fast a speed as you can an still maintain at least -1.0EV. Hopefully, your speed will be 250 or better. If it is, you should get pretty good shots with prints that are not going to be any larger than 4 x 6. Let me know how it turns out.