Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X: Part 1
Subject:   Difference Between OS X Client and Server?
Date:   2004-01-07 05:58:44
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Difference Between OS X Client and Server?

I need to migrate my existing Web site from a third party host company to my own host computer on a DSL line. I also need to operate two other Web site URLs from this machine each will be lightly used. I'm a photographer, and anticipate light traffic at the outset, but do plan to post image portfolios. Eventually, I hope to add e-commerce, but that is a long way off. The other two sites will remain lightly used (one will just refer customers to the main Web site) but all three need to Send and Receive mail).

I have four questions and would appreciate guidance:

1. To get started, can one Mac OS X computer act as both my Web server and Web site Mail server, or will I need one networked machine for each of the two tasks? I know it is more secure and improves reliability to operate separate Web and Mail Servers, and would do this later, but I need to know if I must plan for a second machine to handle mail at the outset. Is it folly to try and combine the two tasks in one Server?

2. If just one computer initially can pull dual duty (as both the Mail Server and the Web Werver), will it be difficult to migrate the mail for the thre three sites to another computer at a later time?

3. Should I use OS X Server or OS X Client for all this?

4. I have the following DSL service options. Will site visitors really notice the faster 512Mbps upload speeds for this level of usage?. Do Web hosting companies typically provide faster connections for Servers?:
512Mbps/256Mbps @ $70 per month/$0 install
1Mbps/512Mbps @ $145/$0 install

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