The Disaster-Free Upgrade to Mac OS X -- Part 2
Subject:   Disaster Recovery Plans are Mandatory-Part 1
Date:   2001-05-09 08:19:12
From:   a_weisburd
OSX, particularly as of 10.0.2, is really getting to be quite nice. However, Classic is mandatory, and in the name of making it work better, the ability to dual-boot, either using OSX, or OS9.1, seems to have been sacrificed. Note that I've been using this system since before it had a face (i.e. Darwin).

For reasons I've not quite isolated, the OS9.1 partition used for Classic can prove hard to boot back into. Rebuilding the desktop every time you have to boot 9.1 propper seems to be mandatory, and even then, FileSharing will commonly fail to startup.

The damage done can get to be so severe, and OS9.1 so dysfunctional, that having a way to restore a clean copy of your 9.1 and 9.1 applications can be essential. A solution: make your own Software Restore package.

More to follow...

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