Sony Ericsson T610 Camera Phone Review
Subject:   Phonelist memory too small
Date:   2004-01-07 10:15:07
From:   toddogas
Response to: Phonelist memory too small

You bring up a really good point. Limited phone number memory is standard for non-smartphones. That is why I think that the two-device solution might be a good fit for people like you and me with large contact lists. You can use a Bluetooth enabled Pocket PC (or Palm OS box with Bluetooth) that can hold thousands of phone numbers partnered with a phone like the T610/T616. My HP iPAQ 2215 shown in the article can, for example, dial the T610/T616 right from the Pocket PC. I can tap on a phone number on the Pocket PC to initiate dialing on the T610. It is a good device partnership IMHO.