Return of the Independent Game Developer?
Subject:   New Engine Available as Open Source w Cheat Protection
Date:   2004-01-07 12:17:37
From:   anonymous2
re: "what do you see happening that's new..."

There is a new game engine, available as open source & commercial lincese, that stops cheating, in addition to easing game development.
IT GlobalSecure's SecurePlay™ technology ( ) lets you build games faster and with more modularity and integrates into network games, regardless of the platforms that they operate on. It provides an enhanced game networking protocol to support communications between player clients and a server or for peer-to-peer gaming.

SecurePlay's cryptography is not simply an encryption or digital signature system. Rather, it uses encryption, digital signatures, and its own unique transaction security protocols to prevent cheating by building security right into network game play. SecurePlay delivers: fair randomization; true, simultaneous transactions; asymmetric, but verifiable information exchange; and securely synchronized game play. SecurePlay works by protecting game rules transactions, not synchronizing game data objects. This is the only solution today that creates ensures fair play and protection against cheating for each and every game transaction

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