10 Reasons We Need Java 3.0
Subject:   Longhorn Developer Preview
Date:   2004-01-08 05:46:45
From:   Trackback from anonymous2
So, who’s going to this thing? I would but not sure I can really afford a full day for something that’s more of a curiosity for me at the moment. I have no real intention of working on .NET at least over the next year, and all the information will come out on the web in due course. Still, it’s an interesting direction (the whole Longhorn framework). I’d like to see Java clean up a bit, maybe I’m being a bit idealistic here, but people have ideas about what changes could be made, to make Java more consistent and easier to use. Vaguely on topic since I was talking about Longhorn, message buses seem to be the order of the day. D-BUS seems to be gaining recognition continually. Two years down the line, I can definitely envision a combination of hotplug, udev and d-bus as the low-level centerpiece of a Linux system....